This is about history, honor and hope.  The history of three generations of men that share a love for boating, honoring a father and grandfather and their struggles with a syndrome, and the hope that a cure will be found for the syndrome.

My father and grandfather built a small wooden boat in the early 50’s that I have now taken heir to.  I have fixed it up, and will be piloting the boat down the Wabash River from Lafayette, Indiana to the Ohio River.  My goals are:

  • To honor Dad and Grandpa because they are and were fine, Godly men that have remained pleasant as their Lewy Body Dementia progressed and their independence and memory failed.
  • To make others more aware of Lewy Body Dementia as I prepare for the trip and meet people along the way.
  • To help the Lewy Body Dementia Association raise money to help find the cure to this crippling syndrome.
  • To venture out on a trip Dad and Grandpa would have yearned to go on, as three generations of Borrors have been boating enthusiasts.

Plus, I think it will be a fun adventure.

-Bruce Borror


Finally Generations gets the outboard she always dreamed of.

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